Dots Program


A program that provides the child with all the academic services he requires at this age.


At Ehtiwa, we believe that every student has a right to special education, and these services include: early intervention, academic support, natural therapy, occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, and psychological & behavioral therapy. The special education services tailored for students cannot be dissociated from the academic program in any way, and must be fully integrated together to achieve the desired results. For that, we have designed adaptive models to provide services for children with special needs suitable for both regular schools and specialized schools. These flexible models can be easily implemented by any school and according to its needs and conditions.

The program adopts the following procedures

–  Analyzing the child’s condition at school according to the specialists’ observations

–  Collecting data and information from the teacher and family

–  Evaluation for setting the strategy and objectives (the objectives include the family, teacher, and the school’s direct support specialist)

– Providing services at school (except for conditions that require providing the services at the center)

– Continuous evaluation to follow up on progress

Program advantages

– Provides intensive special education services for the student within his school/class

– Supports schools in providing high-quality education required by every student

– Facilitates the admission of children from the same family in one school

– Reduces academic and behavioral issues

-Increases educational outcomes


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