Psychotherapy is a treatment that measures and improving the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of a person and helps him to better understand and deal with them.

    Conditions That Require Psychotherapy

    • Feeling powerless and loss of interest in activities

    • Feeling afraid and unable to face fears

    • Feeling anxious and unable to relax and sleep

    • Feeling angry and rejected

    • Suspecting everyone and distrust

    • Excessive idealism in all aspects of life

    • Low self-esteem and feeling of inferiority

    • Withdrawal from performing personal duties and responsibilities

    • Excessive sleep or insomnia

    • Excessive or lack of appetite

    • Constant tantrums

    • Lacking the value of life and personal goals

    • Introversion and avoiding people

    Psychotherapy at Ehtiwa

    Role of the Psychotherapy Specialist

    • Measure the mental abilities and intelligence

    • Measurement of mental conditions and disorders

    • Accepting and listening to the patient and helping him to better understand his thoughts and feelings

    • Providing behavioral exercises that help the patient deal with his feelings and thoughts

    • Follow-up and measuring the impact of the psychological treatment on the patient

    Diagnosis and Evaluation