Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a special medical field concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment speech, language, and voice disorders. It is also concerned with developing communication skills, as well as swallowing disorders for all ages.

    Conditions That Require Speech Therapy

    • Swallowing difficulties

    • Delayed language disorder

    • Incorrect pronunciation of sounds and words

    • Stuttering

    • Autism

    • Hyperactivity and attention deficit

    • All kinds of syndromes

    • Social communication disorders

    • Voice disorders

    • Cleft lip and palate

    Speech Therapy at Ehtiwa

    Role of the Speech Therapy Specialist

    Evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and prevents the following disorders

    • Pronunciation such as speech fluency problems and others

    • Audible and spoken language (receptive and expressive)

    • Sound roughness and other issues

    • Perception such as memory and attention

    • Swallowing

    Creating an alternative and enhanced means of communication such as a communication board containing drawings to help a person communicate with others.

    Provide services related to speech disorders for people with hearing disabilities and their families

    Educating and guiding patients, families, teachers, and healthcare employees

    Diagnosis and Evaluation