Ta:sees Program


This program acts as a transitional phase between the home environment and the school environment. The program’s core resembles that of educational schools (eg: availability of schedules, classroom and playground rules, and meal times), however, what truly distinguishes it are the basic academic skills related to the child’s educational level (reading, writing, mathematics) which he will gain according to the capacity of his skills and abilities.


The program aims to develop social interaction skills (among children) and basic academic skills that prepare your children for integration in school, in addition to educating them to follow classroom rules and regulations and training their pre-writing skills.

The program was designed by a team of multidisciplinary specialists (natural therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language, behavioral analysts, psychological therapy, special education, academic support), who enjoy a wide experience in dealing with children of special needs, and have undergone intensive training in various fields related to child support.

What are the skills that we develop in our program?

The program focuses on developing various aspects of the child’s education such as:

– Develop speech and language skills

– Critical thinking

– Basic academic skills (reading, writing, mathematics)

– Behavioral techniques of self-defense against bullying

– Complex social and motor skills

– Language skills through stories and dialogue to discover his feelings and thoughts

– Writing skills (pen, short stories, emails)

– Values and ethics (money, honesty, parents and family)


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