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Early intervention
of developmental disorders

Here for your children every step of the way to help them reach their highest potential.


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What We Treat?


Group Programs

All of our programs are tailor-made specifically to meet your child’s needs. We ensure that precise detail and attention is being given to each patient’s evaluation, resulting in a personalized treatment program from A to Z.


Dots program

HAP Holistic Approach

Ta:sees program

Seven Senses program

Autism program

Indimaj program

Feeling Theatre

Why Choose Us

At Ehtiwa, our approach to extensive care and treatment for your children is holistic and multidisciplinary. Our ethos is built on involving all stakeholders, the beneficiary and the family in the context of the community, to ensure that all development goals are reached.



The Medical Team Consists of

  • Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

  • Speech and Language Therapist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Psychologist and Behavioral Therapist



The Support Services Team Consists of

  • Educational Consultants In Special Education and Early Intervention

  • Early Intervention Specialist

  • Academic support Specialist

  • Autism Specialist

 Your Journey at Ehtiwa


Our integrated process ensures that members of the family are involved in every step, contributing to the success of the treatment journey.


Initial survey and beneficiary environment study



Determining the appropriate program for the beneficiary



Diagnostic and evaluation procedures



Building the individual program to support the meeting of the technical team with the beneficiary’s family to clarify the objectives of the treatment plan


Program execution






Preparing the final report on the progress and proposals for the next plan



 Our Treatment Model


Skilled Team

Our staff of doctors, therapists and specialists have thorough experience and training in the field.

Customized Plans

Every program plan is personalized to every child and tailor-made for every case.

Scientific & Empathetic Approach

Our methodologies employ both research-based techniques and positive reinforcement.

Our Treatment Model

About Us

Ehtiwa offers a range of comprehensive rehabilitation services and multiple, diverse programs, which are characterized by individuality and privacy, making them suitable for the needs of the beneficiaries and their families. Ehtiwa Medical Center aims to empower the beneficiary by raising the ceiling of expectations to reach the highest possible level of skills and capabilities. In that way, we contribute to the formation of a realistic future that enables beneficiaries to actively participate in society. 

Our Values



Having a sense of belonging has great value and plays a role in the success and implementation of the work. We belong first to our country and then to the society in which we live. Our team greatly values principle of loyalty and is committed to making sure it is present in the values of the work it provides to the beneficiaries, which reflects positively on the spirit of the team as well as the beneficiaries and their families.


We believe that empathy, is one of the most important values which humanity holds at its core. We also believe that beneficiaries are entitled to receive integrated services in full privacy.


We seek to empower the beneficiaries by raising their expectations to reach the highest levels of skills, unlock their potential, make the most of their abilities and become independent.


When the goal is noble, you can enjoy the journey, no matter how difficult the path. We at Ehtiwa seek to harness all possible means to provide our beneficiaries and their families with comprehensive services.




Our Team

Meet our expert team of doctors, therapists and specialists that will be helping you and your family every step of the the way.


We are the empowerment team, which includes the medical and administrative team. The medical team includes a distinguished elite of consultants, doctors and specialists who are distinguished with their scientific and clinical achievements, extensive experience and internationally accredited certificates. Our administrative team is also keen to serve and support the beneficiaries and provide comfort to receive the service easily and smoothly from all aspects.


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